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Contact us now to get your personally written cash offer for your land in TX!

We have streamlined our entire buying process. It’s easy. Tell us a bit about the land that you don’t want to own anymore. We will tell you what we’d buy it for! That’s it! Our offers are free and come with zero strings attached.

All sorts of landowners own land that just isn’t doing a thing for them. It costs them thousands to hold on to, too. Think of it all! There’s money for taxes, maintenance, and more. And to what end? Why not turn your empty land into liquid assets that you can use on anything more useful? We hope that working with us is right for you. East Texas Land Buyers has partnered with people all over TX who own land that they wish to sell. We’d love to hear from you too!

We help people facing all sorts of tricky situations. Read on to find out more and see if any of these sound familiar!

  • Do you own off-the-grid land in the middle of nowhere? This sort of lot can be especially hard to sell.
  • Are you simply still paying for land that you don’t even have a plan for?
  • Is your checkbook tired of paying taxes year after year?
  • Is your raw land not even ready for development? Maybe there are boulders, cacti, or other natural features impeding development.
  • Perhaps you already tried working with an agency, but your land simply lingered for months in the listings.
  • Did you inherit a piece of property but you have no interest in keeping it?
  • Is your ideal sale a simple and fast process that involves no extra fees or other payments?

Great! If any of those situations sound like yours, we are here to help. Hesitate no longer, call the team at East Texas Land Buyers, and let’s chat. As local experts, we can work with you. The bad news is that if you try to sell your land by listing it on the MLS, it can take forever! We are here to provide you with an alternative, however. Work with the team at East Texas Land Buyers and you can sell your undeveloped land fast. You can look forward to getting to the closing table in mere weeks (two of them!). You can save lots of money by not paying a dime on closing costs or commissions. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are interested in buying nearly any sort of land. It could be rurally located, suburban, in the city itself, or for agriculture. Do we care if the lot has wired electric or water access? Nope! We will even consider lots primed for billboards. Get in touch and you could be well on your way to being paid a lot for your lot!

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